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Unity Workshop (Part 1) : Cut the Cr@p and Get Started

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Have you ever thought about how computer games are built, how you can create interactive frontends for hardware interfacing or integrate VR into your projects? I know I have. However, game engines are incredibly complex suite of software and it can be difficult to grasp due to unavoidably steep learning curves. Fortunately, the hardest part is figuring out how to get started, and that is precisely what this workshop is all about.

As the first event in a series of workshops aimed at helping you explore how games are created, figure out how to integrate virtual environments with microcontroller hardware, and observe Object-Oriented Programming in action, this 3-hour hands-on session is dedicated to:

  1. Set up Unity Hub: Unity is one of the most popular ecosystems for cross-platform game and interactive environment projects.
  2. Basic navigation of the Unity Editor: Learn the core components of the UI and how to get around the 3D world.
  3. Build and manipulate objects: Create and modify raw objects in the game.
  4. Basic Scripting: Using Visual Studio C#, learn how to programmatically
    control object behaviour, making them respond to human input (and/or serial communications)

Date: 14 Nov 2020
Time: 1PM – 4PM
Venue: Online (Microsoft Team)

Who should join?
Absolute beginners to Unity, Makers, Working Professionals, Computer Science, ICT, and Engineering Students with some Programming experience.

How to participate :
Download Microsoft Teams & Sign up for an Account. You’ll also need to register yourself with the Google Form link. Click Here
Important: enter the Microsoft Account you’re using with MS Teams so we can add you to the “Unity Workshop Part 1” Team

Watch the Setup Guide Video on Installing the Unity Environment on your computer. You’ll be added to the Team (On MS Teams) before the workshop begins!

Setup Guide Video:

Download Microsoft Team: Click Here

Participation in this workshop is free, as a community service in these  desperate times. If you enjoy this workshop and wish to take part in similar ones like it, feel free to join us as CS club members and/or IEEE members.

For more info please contact: Dr. Mark Tee ( )

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Ong Chin Ann
Executive Committee Member (Communication & Promotion), IEEE Sarawak Subsection 2019-2020, 2020-2021, 2021-2022, 2023-2024 IEEE Senior Member