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IEEE Smart Village Workshop in Sarawak

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• Dr Robin Podmore (IEEE Smart Village)
Dr. Robin Podmore is co-founder and co-chair of IEEE Smart Village (previously known as “Community Solutions Initiative”), as well as Vice President for IEEE Power & Energy Society (PES) New Initiatives and Outreach. He is also founder and President of Incremental Systems Corp. (IncSys), a private company that helps organizations train system operators to ensure reliability of the bulk power system. Robin is passionately dedicated to using his own expertise and inspiring others, including industry partners to help energy-impoverished communities build toward sustainable prosperity. In the markets that IEEE Smart Village serves, he is actively promoting IEEE Smart Village’s open-source products and encouraging industry to participate in consensus development of technology-interoperability standards needed for market acceptance and ISV Partner investor confidence.

Date                : 20 October 2017
Venue             : Room B311, Swinburne University of Technology Sarawak
Time                : 2.30 PM – 5.00 PM
Fee                  : FREE


To reserve your seat, please register at:

Contact: For any inquiries please contact

*eCert will be provided for all participants

Pan Zheng
Senior Member