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IEEE Sarawak Subsection

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The idea of establishing IEEE Sarawak Subsection was coined back in 2014 and efforts have been made ever since. The official petition campaign which started from Aug 2015 was initiated by IEEE Senior Member Dr. Dennis Wong Mou Ling, when he served as Dean of Faculty of Engineering, Computing and Science at Swinburne University of Technology Sarawak Campus. IEEE members of all grades from various higher education institutes and industry in the state of Sarawak actively participated the petition.

Professor Dr. Dennis Wong, Founding Chair of IEEE Sarawak

With supports and help from IEEE Malaysia Section and IEEE Region 10, eventually the petition went through and on 11 Dec 2015, Prof. Wong received a letter of formation stated that the effective date of IEEE Sarawak Subsection formation is 21 Nov 2015.

IEEE Sarawak Subsection is the first ever subsection of the professional association in this country. It marks an important milestone of the development of IEEE in Malaysia.


Pan Zheng
Senior Member