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IEEE Humanitarian Group’s Sustainable Lighting Project Continues to Thrive: Successful Revisit to SK Salak

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In an inspiring display of sustainable development and community impact, the IEEE humanitarian group, led by Ir Dr Then Yi Lung, recently revisited SK Salak, a primary school situated in the picturesque fishing village of Kampung Pulau Salak, just 20km from Kuching city center. The team’s mission was to assess the condition of their alternative lighting project, originally initiated in 2019, and the results are nothing short of remarkable.

The primary objective of the alternative lighting project was to introduce sustainable energy solutions to SK Salak, addressing the school’s energy challenges and positively impacting the entire village. Through tireless effort and collaboration, the IEEE group had completed two phases of the project by 2022. The recent revisit in July 2023 aimed to conduct maintenance and repairs on some equipment, ensuring the project’s longevity.

During the thorough inspection, the IEEE team made a heartening discovery – none of the lighting systems had been spoiled or malfunctioning. This achievement is a testament to the group’s commitment to delivering high-quality and enduring solutions. The alternative lighting system has now surpassed the four-year mark, exceeding expectations and providing much-needed illumination to the school and its vicinity.

As part of their long-term care strategy, the IEEE team took special care of the project’s solar panels, a critical component in powering the lighting system. Observing that the panels were covered in grime and dust, the team wasted no time in conducting a deep cleaning operation. Moreover, they imparted essential knowledge to the school’s teachers, equipping them with proper cleaning steps to follow every three months. Such proactive measures safeguard the solar panels, enhance their efficiency, and extend their lifespan, ensuring the project’s sustainability.

Not content with just revisiting the lighting system, the IEEE team also addressed another crucial aspect of the project – bicycles that had been provided in previous initiatives. Unfortunately, some of the bicycles had fallen into disuse, resulting in flat tires. Recognizing the importance of regular maintenance, the team pumped the tires and integrated this critical step into the school’s maintenance checklist. By doing so, they strive to underscore the significance of consistent care and upkeep for projects’ enduring success.

For the IEEE humanitarian group, their work extends far beyond mere completion of projects. They believe that continued support and advocacy are vital to creating lasting impact. The revisit to SK Salak exemplified this philosophy, not only ensuring the project’s sustainability but also creating awareness among the community.

Dr Then Yi Lung emphasized the significance of such initiatives, stating, “Completing projects to perfection is commendable, but it is equally essential to foster a culture of long-term care and maintenance. Our projects are designed to make a difference for generations to come.” To further promote the cause of sustainability and community-driven projects, the IEEE group has initiated a comprehensive checklist that will act as a guide for the school’s teachers and project participants. The checklist will aid in the regular maintenance and care of the projects, ensuring their benefits continue to uplift the community well into the future.

As the IEEE humanitarian group continues its noble mission, they extend heartfelt appreciation to all supporters, partners, and the local community for their unwavering dedication. Together, they prove that sustainable development, when coupled with genuine care and commitment, can create a brighter, thriving future for all.

*The IEEE humanitarian group’s revisit to SK Salak is a testament to their commitment to sustainable community development. With their projects standing strong and thriving, they inspire us all to be responsible stewards of the environment and the well-being of others.*

Ong Chin Ann
Executive Committee Member (Communication & Promotion), IEEE Sarawak Subsection 2019-2020, 2020-2021, 2021-2022, 2023-2024 IEEE Senior Member