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6th Gamification Seminar for Educators, and Industry Professionals

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The IEEE Malaysia Sarawak Subsection together with the UNIMAS Gamification Center, Creative Culture, and ACES are organizing the 6th Gamification Seminar, and the details are shown below:

  • Theme: Humanizing Engineering towards Better Resilience and Sustainability
  • Date: 6th December 2023 (Wednesday)
  • Time: 8.00 am – 5.00 pm
  • Venue: myCapsule Space, FCSIT UNIMAS (map)
  • Fee: RM50

This seminar and workshop aims to harness the power of gamified teaching techniques, AI technology, and nationwide adoption of SDGs, especially when looking at advancing the current climate of the education sector today.

This seminar will unite leading experts, educators, and industry professionals who share a deep passion for elevating the engineering field with a human touch. Through dynamic discussions, hands-on workshops, and cutting-edge presentations, our objective is to promote a profound appreciation of how gamification can transform the learning process, making it more accessible, enjoyable, and, most importantly, effective. Join us on this exciting journey of redefining education and engineering in a way that benefits us all.

Three prominent keynote speakers, experts in current generative AI, will share their insights during the Gamification Seminar. Moreover, three parallel workshops will take place on the day, and participants can choose just one to attend.

For more details and registration, visit our website at:

Registration form⬇️

Registration deadline: 1st December 2023 (Friday, 11.59pm)

This event is open to all. Do share this announcement with your peers and network.

See you at GS2023!

Ong Chin Ann
Executive Committee Member (Communication & Promotion), IEEE Sarawak Subsection 2019-2020, 2020-2021, 2021-2022, 2023-2024 IEEE Senior Member