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2nd AGM for IEEE Sarawak Subsection (New Date)

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Dear Colleagues and students,

Owing to insufficient quorum last Sunday,  the 2nd AGM for the IEEE Sarawak Subsection is now re-schedule as follows:

Date: 25 February 2017 (Saturday)

Time: 10.30 AM – 12.00 PM

Venue: A216, Swinburne University of Technology, Kuching Sarawak


10.00 AM     Registration and light refreshment

10.30 AM     IEEE Sarawak Subsection AGM

12.00 PM     Adjournment

Tentative Agenda:

1.     Welcoming address by 2016 Sarawak Subsection Chair

2.     To accept the meeting minutes of the 2016 AGM

3.     2016 Chapter activities report by Secretary

4.     2016 Chapter account report by Treasurer

5.     Dissolution of Committee for 2016 Session

6.     Election of Committee for 2017 Session

7.     Address by the 2017 Sarawak Subsection Chair

8.     Group photo

9.     12.00 PM Adjournment of AGM

Kindly RSVP your attendance through this google form:

We look forward to your continuous support and your attendance is highly appreciated.

Thank you.

Kind regards

Dennis Wong

Chair 2016, Sarawak Subsection

Pan Zheng
Senior Member